Where Is The Best Place To Get A Tattoo?

When it comes to the question of adorning your body with a tattoo, there is no doubt that it causes interesting debates both with other people and inside your head. Especially if it is your first tattoo.

The question you will be asking yourself is “where do you make the first mark on a blank canvas?” and there is a lot to take into account when deciding this.

First of all, your body is generally split into two distinct parts – the area covered by clothes most of the time, and the bits that people will see.

The area of your body which is usually covered by clothes is – for many people – the safest part to have tattooed. Going for a job interview or getting married, or any other such formal occasions – could make you curse the decision to get a tattoo on your neck or on your face.

For many, the first tattoo will be one on their shoulder blade, their back or their chest. For those with exhibitionist tendencies, the tattoo being seen is more important than anything – but then again, the area not covered by clothes will usually be larger.

As a compromise between hidden and blatant, the biceps are often a place where a tattoo will be seen by those who should be seeing it, hidden from those who should not, and a pretty conventional place to get one.

Most people on the pro-tattoo side of the line agree that the bicep, upper arm area is as good a place as any to start.

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