Song Lyrics – You Couldn’t Have Put It Better Yourself

There are no end of people who get tattoos to back up their love of music. Whether we can play or just have the sound in our hearts and on our CDs and MP3 players, music means a lot to many people.

Listening to a favorite song in the right setting can make a good day into a great day, and can cheer up a bad one too.

For some people it is all about how it sounds, while for others lyrics are more important – with poetry not as fashionable today as it once was, people are now finding song lyrics to be the closest that we have.

Of course, song lyrics do not have to be poetic to be popular. It could be argued that for many people that would be a drawback, in fact.

In 2014, one of the most popular lyrics to get tattooed on one’s skin is from Britney Spears’ controversial single “If You Seek Amy”.

Said quickly, this sequence of sounds makes up a fairly lewd invitation, and this has led to many people thinking of it as a suitable tattoo. Others would choose instead to have a lyric that was more of a personal inspiration, with many going for “Above Us Only Sky” from John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

A song lyric can be a worthwhile tattoo for more than a few reasons.

The singer may be an inspiration to us, or the lyric itself be an illustration of something we believe strongly or have been through.

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